Strand Theatre visited by ghost hunters

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal Ghost hunters from Amory paid a visit to the Strand Theatre in Louisville to try to detect whether paranormal activity occurred in the building.

A group of three investigators from “Independant Paranormal Research Team” spent Friday night in the building for several hours. The three- man team used several machines that measure electronic magnetic fields, voice recorders, motion sensors and cameras in order to detect what they considered paranormal activity.

Jeremy Farrar, Tommy Castle and Jeremy Thorn placed recoding devices- video and audio- throughout the building in order to capture unusual sounds and movement.

“We’re here to find something,” said Jeremy Thorn who most recently joined the team about 4 months ago.

Jeremy Farrar and Tommy Castle have been investigating unusual phenomenon for about three years with two other team members. Michael Gordon and Ricky Simmons were unable to attend the Strand investigation.

“We have made our own tests and equipment to help discover this (paranormal) activity,” said Jeremy Farrar.

With their specialized equipment, the team recorded hours of video and audio. After reviewing some of the video and audio they noted that they felt the building had some paranormal activity ongoing.

An initial review of the video and audio produced according to the investigators two unexplained items on the videos and at least one unidentified voice on the audio recordings.

The investigators plan to continue to scour their video footage and other recordings to verify as closely as possible any unusual activity.

The investigators noted they are interested in any sites where paranormal activity has been witnessed by a person and asked anyone with such examples to contact them.

“There is something out there,” said Jeremy Farrar.