Supervisors prepare for 2012-13 budget

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors used the August 6 meeting to help prepare the 2012-13 budget for its September approval along with covering the first of the month’s business.

The board examined some hard numbers for the budget and reviewed each departments’ submitted budgets. The board hopes to cut almost $20,000 in unneeded computer maintenance protection.

Shawn Alford of Secure Networks at the meeting shared the cost savings choices with the supervisors and noted he would work with the department heads to remove any unnecessary maintenance items.

“Only a few pieces on the list are worth it,” said Alford. He explained that maintenance plans on monitors; some printers and most of the computers were unneeded since the maintenance agreement was costing more than it would be to replace the equipment. The budget itself will not be adopted until after a public hearing on September 4.

In other business: • District 5 Supervisor Larry Duran requested County Engineer Jimmy Kemp provided a detail list of all work planned for a project prior to beginning work on a project. Kemp noted he would insure such a list is provided. Kemp and Duran also discussed state aid reimbursement for projects in the county. • Board approved July 13 and July 20 meeting minutes. • Approved a bathroom to be built at Dean Park using the final funds of the 2011-12 budget and some funds from the 2012-13 budget. Estimated cost was about $13,000. • Approved Essie Jackson to attend the TRIAD national conference. The Winston County Sheriff’s Department recently received a $4,500 TRIAD grant and part of the grant funds will pay for Jackson’s attendance at the event. • Approved two sixteen section leases and discussed the Dean Park Sixteen Section lease and if the school district could not waive the lease payments for the county since it was a beneficial park for the whole community but especially the student aged. • Approved a decrease in real property value for property owned by Pedro and Pat Arnold due to condition of property. • Approve a lengthy list of hold car tags items. •Reviewed the minutes from the Airport Board Authority meeting. • Approved court reporter expenses in the amount of $68.34. • Approved three new hires at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility. • Discussed local officials serving as an association’s president and officer. The supervisors noted that the county would only pay for mandatory meetings and would not pay for association meetings for an officer’s role. • Reappointed Jerry Nance to ECCC board. • Discussed the recent E-911 advisory board meeting with the next meeting Sept. 12. Buddy King, EMA director for the county, requested the board look at adding two more members to the E911 advisory council to include the ambulance service and EMEPA. The board also was to hold an executive session to discuss personnel related to the E-911. •Discussed with Gerald Mills, Economic Development director, the Teters building lease and the improvements they had money in the amount of $30,157.56 and the improvements the county has made through the parking lot improvements and building improvements. It is a county owned building. • Also, discussed with Mills the scenic byways program and moving the plan forward to have it approved by the legislature in January.

Mills also noted the fire at Grayson Blu that caused smoke damage. See article in today’s edition.

Tabled applying for the HOME grant until 2014 to increase chances of gaining the grant again.

Approved purchases in Justice Court for yearly office supplies and a computer.

Approved hiring a certified deputy in the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Pugh noted that he was filling a position left vacant by a recent transfer to the WCCRF.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is August 20 in the courthouse boardroom.