Traipsin’ round town by Lynne Cunningham

Have you detected any hint of Fall in our steamy hot atmosphere lately? Not likely with the temps up to mid-nineties these dog days of summer. But take heart. My prediction usually comes true about fall. Which is: September days are still hot, but the nights will cool off considerably and give our tired ole earth a slight breather. But we’ll be sweating it out through football games until November, I fear.

The McMillin Clan has gathered once again at Lake Tiak O’ Khata for their 62nd Family Reunion of the McMillin and Related Families of Winston County—who are many. Dr. Lamar McMillin and his wife Carol who are stauch supporters come from Vicksburg, MS.; Johnny McMillin and his wife Sylvia motor down from Ooltewah, TN. His sister Ann comes from Huntsville, AL, and his cousin Dana McMillin Bennett, Rhonda McMillin Haggard’s sister, comes from Texas and is joined by her children from as far away as California. Hallie Jean Frazier Blalock plans to come from Tuscaloosa and will be met by her brother, Percy Mac Frazier and his wife Leonora. The Clan will have once again renewed their bonds of kinship and comraderie in a tradition that goes back farther than 62 years because in the 1800s before the Civil War, Nathaniel Woodward and Mary McMillin arrived in Winston County as a married couple ready to carve out a new home and community for themselves and fellow pioneers and started the growth of this learge webb of McMillin’s, Woodward’s and many other Related Families. The Woodward’s home was one of the first in Winston County to decorate with a new- fangled innovation.—wall paper.

The school bells will be ringing any day now and JoAnn and Henry Brandt were glad to have a visit from their daughter Melanie and their oldest grandson, Clark, recently. Clark will be hitting the books soon as a student of the freshman class at the University of Georgia. He strongly considered Ole Miss, but Georgia won out. Juanita Hight will be celebrating her next birthday toward the end of the month. She has had her life chronicled in a biography by Katie Watson and she was a graduate of M.S.C.W., who was spotlighted and included in a history of 20 outstanding W graduates. Louisville was proud to have two other “local girls” including Sylvia Duck Clark and Barbara McMillin Webb as 3 out of the 20 included. Juanita herself could give us a first hand history of Louisville for the illustrious years of her watching and chronicling the evolvement and her involvement in and of our community. Anna Jean Allen could help flesh it all out but of course she hasn’t seen as many days of involvement as Miss Juanita.

B.J. Kellegham and her mother Catherine welcomed B.J.’s daughter Catherine for a visit from our neighboring southeastern state of Georgia. Catherine is the owner and on site manager of a comprehensive art gallery in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Robert Herring, former headmaster of Winston Academy has received yet another well-deserved recognition in being inducted into the Calhoun County (Oxford, Al.) Sports Hall of Fame.

Coach Herring led the Oxford High Team to victory in 3 state football championships.

Robert and his wife Gail live in Newnan, GA now. They have a place at Orange Beach and enjoy entertaining their children and grandchildren along with friends when it’s not too hot. Robert’s brother-in-law and sister Harriette’s husband Rev. Billy Smith will preach at First Baptist Church in Louisville on Aug. 5. and Aug. 12. Billy and Harriette were members of FBC with their families when growing up in Louisville.

One of the graduates of the 2012 U.S. Air Force Academy has roots in Winston County and Louisville. He is, now at graduation, 2nd Lieutenant Jonathan Powell the great-grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Liddell, Louisvillians who lived uptown across from the Post Office on East Main Street. Their daughter Laura Ann and her husband Gordon Powell are the proud grandparents of Jonathan and his parents are Linda and James Powell. In the commissioning ceremony on May 23 Jonathan’s twin sisters Heather and Amber pinned on his lieutenant’s bars and his paternal grandfather Gordon Powell, a retired Army captain, administered the oath of office. What a proud day for the Powell clan as well as for the Liddells. Laura Ann and her husband Gordon live in Mobile, Al. and plan to be in Louisville for the Reunion of LHS Class of 1956, come September. Jonathan earned a degree in engineering and hailed from Daphne, AL. He has been stationed at Columbus Air Force Base and will be learning to fly those Air Force jets we hear roaring over our heads around Louisville. Since his grandmother attended MSCW and his grandfather Mississippi State when they met and fell in love, Jonathan might have time to socialize a little bit with the W girls when he’s not blazing through the friendly skies of Mississippi.

Have you visited our farmer’s market this summer? What a delectable array of fresh produce they offer! The fresh vegetables and fruits are delicious and even a feast for the eyes. Peaches, tomatoes, corn, plums, squash, okra, and eggplant—galore.

We’re wishing Carolyn Mills—WELL and WELLER. We sure hope she will be back at her typewriter soon to put us in the KNOW.

The Market Café was closed July 31-Aug 7—gone to the beach. The Woods Grocery served up some delicious pulled pork, hot potato salad and slaw recently. They had their vacation at the Neshoba County Fair.