Farmers’ market benefits vendors, citizens and more

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Winston County farmers’ Market has developed as a success for vendors and citizens.

Despite the heat and dry weather early in the growing season, the 2012 farmers’ market has been a very productive one thus far, for local gardeners and in turn for Winston County Farmers Market. “We were worried about the drought affecting the vendors but we have had a good many farmers come out each week,” said Janice Hopkins, who is one of the volunteers with the The Coalition for a Healthy Winston County (Diabetes Coalition).

The market, which is open 4-7 p.m. on Thursdays at the Louisville Coliseum, has practically doubled the number of participating vendors since it first set up shop and has reached as many as 18 vendors.

“It has really grown,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins noted that there are about 18 vendors who take part one week. The vendors who can set up for free may sell their goods in front of the coliseum with the Diabetes Coalition helping setup tables for many of the vendors or vendors may setup their own space. The vendors offer a large variety of items ranging from fruits, vegetables, specialty baked goods and organic herbs. “I think we’ve got a real good selection,” said Nancy Woodruff, another volunteer with the coalition.

Volunteers hope the fresh farm grown foods and baked goods along with other items at the market help promote healthy eating as well as a sense of community.Vendors earn dollars for locally grown items and buyers get good quality fresh grown and fesh baked goods – a win, win for all.