WCCRF is tobacco free

From staff reports

The Winston Choctaw County Correctional Facility has gone tobacco free as of July 1.

Warden Tim Palmer informed the board of supervisors that the Winston Choctaw County Correctional Facility had gone tobacco free as required by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Palmer and the Supervisors voiced concerns over contraband of tobacco at the prison and the difficulty in enforcing the ban. Mississippi Department of Corrections officials say the policy covers any building, grounds and prisons operated by the agency.

Signs have been posted around the facilities for several weeks reminding employees and inmates of the policy.

MDOC spokeswoman Tara Booth says employees and inmates have known about the no-smoking and tobacco free policy since mid-December. She says the canteens in the prisons have been selling fewer and fewer tobacco products over the past few weeks.

She noted the policy would make for a healthier environment for the staff and prisoners.

Booth stated the MDOC medical director will make patches and other smoking cessation products available to help those with severe addictions at facilities.