Scam alert issued from BancorpSouth

From press reports

BancorpSouth customers, as well as customers of other banks, are experiencing an increased level of fraudulent messages, often referred to as phishing.

These automated phone calls typically give the pretext of activating a debit card and ask the recipient to provide their debit or credit card number and PIN for identification. These messages are being sent by way of cell phone calls, text messages and emails.

The messages generally mention that the card number for the recipient has been deactivated. This is an effort to have the recipient contact a phone number or website to provide card information.

These calls are not legitimate. BancorpSouth will never ask for personal or account information by these means. Should you receive a suspicious phone call, text message or email, you should not give out any personal or account information.

In the event you become suspicious about a call received regarding your debit or credit cards, you should contact your local BancorpSouth office or our Customer Service Center at 888-797-7711.