Industrial Maintenance Program offered at ECCC

The East Central Community College Industrial Maintenance program uses the NCCER curriculum and is approved by Department of Labor as the academic side of an apprenticeship program.

What ECCC teaches is the first two levels of a four level program. The apprenticeship program through the Department of Labor consists of four years of training and 8,000 hours on the job with a company that has an apprenticeship program.

The program is for an Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation Technician. As the name implies, it is very heavy in electrical skills. In addition there is another program for an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic which would be more inline with a Mechanical program.

NCCER requires that they have an eight module “Core” that is a prerequisite to all of their courses. Another “free” benefit to this program is that East Central will allow any student registered in this course will be able to take our 24 hour enhancement classes at no cost to them. This allows a student to get more hands on training in certain areas as deemed by our instructors and the class.

The class meets two nights per week for four hours per night for typically 16 weeks to complete each level. Upon completion of each level, the NCCER send each student a transcript of modules completed and a wallet card that allows check progress online.