Winston Medical Center first to implement New Aero DR Technology in state

From press reports

Wayne, NJ, June 26, 2012 – Konica Minolta announced today that Winston Medical Center (Louisville, MS) is the first hospital in the state of Mississippi to implement the wireless Aero DR solution, which turns analog X-rays into digital images. Winston Medical is utilizing the new technology in both its dedicated X-ray room and on a portable system that brings the imaging to the patient—ideal for critically ill or immobile patients. The results are shorter exam times for faster diagnosis and higher image quality that can significantly enhance the quality and safety of patient care.

“With the speed and ease-of-use of the Aero DR, we have reduced the time a patient is in the X-ray department,” says Robert Higginbotham, Radiology Director at Winston Medical Center. “This not only increases throughput, but more importantly when combined with the high image quality of the system, we have reduced the radiation dose delivered to our patients—in many instances we are using half the radiation dose previously used,” adds Higginbotham.

Patient diagnosis is also faster with the DR images, as technologists no longer have to process film or cassettes. With the Aero DR, images are available for preview in less than 3 seconds. This is particularly important in the Emergency Room, notes Higgenbotham, where time can be crucial to a patient’s care. He adds that in addition to enhancing patient care, the Aero DR panel was a cost- effective solution with the flexibility to use in a fixed or portable system. Plus, the durable carbon fiber and lithium ion capacitor offer longer life with fewer replacement costs, which translates to a lower total cost of ownership over the average product lifespan.

Winston Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital in Louisville, MS, with 41 beds. The non-profit hospital has been serving the community’s healthcare needs since 1958.

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