Phishing scam attempt made on Citizen Bank customers

In recent days, attempts have been made by individuals not associated with The Citizens Bank in any way, to extract personal banking information, by phone, from bank customers. These calls originate from telephone scam artists who are involved in “phishing” attempts to steal your personal identity.

If you should receive a phone call from anyone who claims to be from The Citizens Bank or any other financial institution, for that matter, and the caller asks for any personal financial information including your debit card number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), Checking or Savings account number, Social Security Number or your date of birth, DO NOT RESPOND WITH SUCH INFORMATION. We already know your account numbers and other personal information, and keep it safely secured at the bank. We will never call to ask such questions.

If you have caller ID and are able to see the caller’s phone number, please write it down, hang up on the caller and notify us and/or local law enforcement officers.

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the United States and an alarming number of people are willing to provide personal financial information under the mistaken assumption that such a call is legitimate. It most certainly is NOT.