Bright lights, and paving new ways to the future of the community

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

Louisville has brand new welcome signs like a welcome mat to the city and area. “”We are marking the city as vibrant and alive,” said Louisville Mayor Will Hill about the new signs.

The Winston County Chamber and the City placed the new signs with the updated logo to add a new look to welcoming visitors.

“We are bringing together a consistent message with our logo and all of our signage for the city,” added Mayor Hill. “It shows we are progressive, modern and preparing for the future.”

The new signs are also a part of the Winston County Chamber’s goals of helping market the community.

Chamber director Linda Skelton noted the economic value to the signs, “The signs are like a friendly face at the visitor’s center or a brochure. It reinforces the message that our community is welcoming, well-planned, organized and caring. I believe that message of welcoming is especially important as we continue to attract new businesses and visitors to our community.”

The signs are a small part of an overall program to give the community a welcoming atmosphere. The City of Louisville Water Tower with the help of Louisville Utilities also got a more updated and welcoming look as the new logo for the City was applied to the front of the tower for all to see. See the articles on the new bypass lighting and new street plans in today’s edition.

“Every bit of this is about community pride and making our community better,” said Mayor Will Hill. “We need to be proud of who we are, what we are and where we are headed.”