South Columbus project represents investment in city

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

With a $253,742.03 federal government, state and city outlay the city of Louisville received a new over lay of South Columbus along with new signage.

The South Columbus project was unique since the Mississippi Department of Transportation chose the route in the interest of creating a better traffic flow between two major city traffic arteries: Main Street and John C. Stennis. With the funding coming mainly from federal funds, the side walks had to be replaced as well to meet ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliance.

“The residents in that area and in the community were very positive about the work once it was completed,” said Louisville Mayor Will Hill.

The total project cost $253,742.03 with the city’s part at $69,087.11 and the federal and state part at $184,654.92.

Mayor Hill noted the 20 percent match required of the city was a good investment to get the street and sidewalks repaired.

The project is in the final stages with new signs ordered for two signage errors and the rest of the project completed and signage in place.

The project also changed the median to help traffic flow on the through fare.

“Adding new sidewalks and improving traffic flow will also help the businesses on Columbus Avenue,” said Linda Skelton, Winston County Chamber Director.

The project finished at Park Street rather than continuing up to Main Street in order for the project to come in under the cost estimate and to save all the parking places on the street past the Park Street intersection.

“We kept the project under budget and kept the business parking by completing the project at the Park Street intersection,” said Mayor Will Hill.

The city has plans of its own to improve other streets in the city.