$2 million planned in street repair

PBy Joseph McCain
The Winston County Journal
The Louisville Board of Aldermen finalized the steps to borrow $2 million through a bond issue at its May 15 meeting.
The aldermen approved a bid of 2.68 percent with payments at about $198,000 each year.
With the funds, city leaders hope to repair many streets in the community without any extra tax burden on residents.
The board aims to have the funds in had on June 12 and will begin prioritizing street repairs around the city.
Representatives of Phelps Dunbar who helped complete the bidding process noted the low interest rates made this a good time for the city to borrow the funds for these capital improvements.
“This project should improve the community as well as the assessed value of properties,” said Gary Friedman of Phelps and Dunbar.
Mayor Will Hill added that he and the city engineer would be visiting other communities to find the most efficient ways to get the street repairs done in order to get the most out of the funds.
Redistricting plans discussed
The aldermen also set the city redistricting hearing for June 5 at 5 p.m.
Presently, the city has been presented with two redistricting plans from the Golden Triangle Planning Development District. The board members decided to hold the public hearing and get public input before creating a third plan for the community. The city has paid the GTPPD a set fee with a guarantee to receive 3 plans without extra cost.
Alderman Eugene Crosby agreed holding off developing the third plan until the public hearing was a good solution.
The board members discussed the time frame of completing the project with attorney Taylor Tucker noting that August should be the latest to turn in to insure the Department of Justice has ample time to review and approve.
In other matters, the aldermen:
• Discussed upcoming workshops at MML on the basics of running a city and using millage properly along with ad valorem taxes. Mayor Hill noted that ad valorem taxes were a small part of most cities and towns budget.
“Shopping at home has bigger impact on city budget than any ad valorem taxes,” said attorney Tucker.
The City of Louisville has had strong sales tax collections in 2011 and 2012.
• Approve partial payment on the Columbus Avenue project. The city portion of the payment to Falcon Construction and Calvert Spradling was about $14,000 and about $2,000 respectively. The project is paid with 80 percent federal funds and 20 percent city. 
• Accepted the minutes from previous meeting.
• Discussed the reexamining of bids for the runway turnaround at the airport.
• Noted unclean property at 114 Eiland and issued a June 5 date to have property cleaned.
• Gave owners at 101 Beal Street three more weeks to finish cleaning the property.
• Removed 508 South Jones and 211 MS Avenue from the uncleaned list 
• approved a  DUI grant resolution.
• Approved two police officers training at no cost to the city. 
Approved DARE training for an officer with no cost training.
• Approved the Fire Chief Terry Johnson to attend conferences at no cost to the city.
• Approve a MML delegate and MML registrations.
• Approved a $10,000 transfer to e911 
• Approved annual payment to GTPPD of $1000 for dues.
• Void two outstanding checks to clear off books. 29 outstanding checks and put funds back in general fund.
• Noted need to appoint Utility board member in June.
• Noted two LFD volunteer firefighters going to Jackson for second step of national training standards training. 
• Discussed Mt Moriah dedication July 1.  
• Discussed the possibility of the creosote cleanup beginning soon at the old American Creosote plant site.
• Discussed the Mayor’s youth council with Mayor Hill noting the program had over 20 active members with plans to help the city.
The next regular scheduled meeting is June 5.