Head Start Employee of the Month is Johnnie Seward

From press reports

Johnnie Seward was recently selected Head Start Employee of the Month.

She was born in Louisville on New Year’s Day. She still lives in Louisville. She is married to Jeff Seward. She has one son, three granddaughters, and five great grandchildren. She loves children and helping people.

She attended school in Winston County. She graduated in 1967. She worked in factories for over thirty years. The plant factory where She worked closed in 2000. This gave her an opportunity to go to college. In August 2000, she enrolled in East Central Community College. In 2002, she graduated with an Associate degree in Applied Sciences in Development Technology. She was hired at the Winston County Complex Headstart in 2002. She teaches four-year-olds. In August 2004, she enrolled in Jackson State University. During this time, she worked full-time and made the Dean’s List my first year at Jackson State University. In 2007, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in childcare and family education from Jackson State University.

“I continue to improve my educational and teaching skills through participating in a variety of workshops and staff development training. I have work experiences with teaching infants, toddlers, and three and four year old children. My greatest joy is to work with preschoolers and to prepare them for kindergarten,” said Seward. “My philosophy with dealing with young children is to remember that everything one does and says to young children has an enormous impact on their lives. It is so important that children are treated with love and respect, for it will then be easy for the children to respect themselves and others. This will also help them to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.”

She added, “I enjoy teaching my children alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, months of the year, rhyming words, sight words, and skills in Spanish. I am excited to see my children at Winston County Complex Headstart everyday and I love them dearly. My children also appear to share that love and excitement for me. Thank you.”